王者野牛Megaways老虎机网页版 Integrated Supply Chain

We established long-term cordial relations with logistics partners, cargo truck fleet, seaport management authorities, local Customs, warehousing hardware and management providers. Hengfeng also works with customers’ designated shipping agencies and carriers to ensure that our logistics handlings and information are handled timely. Integrated information system or customers’ required EDI system, will be thoughtfully taken care of thanks to our logistics and IT teams.

To ensure our supply chain is in accordance to the same, high & strict quality standard, we established SQE (Supplier Quality Engineer) and supplier quality management teams to work with suppliers to ensure they provide us the materials necessary to build quality products. In addition to using technology to improve production, Hengfeng also utilizes supply chain management, and focus on shortening the communication gap with customers. This improves efficiency at each stage of the process.