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As a manufacturing company, Hengfeng never stop the development of automation to increase its production efficiency. After years of deployment, we have installed various types of automatic machines like hanger system and automatic cutting bed for fabric related products, automatic tube bending machine and welding robot for metal parts and product. Hengfeng holds itself to the highest standards of product development and manufacturing and automating is the key in the future that helps us consistently meet those standards.

At hardware lines our tube bending machine is controlled by a tailor made program and customizable PLC unit. After a whole piece of long metal tube is inserted into the machine, the bended tube will come out according to the set tooling and program. Cutting, drilling, burr-removing, all steps are done automatically in one machine. Welding robots improve the welding quality and increases working efficiency by 80%.

Our automatic cutting bed improves material utilization by 1.2% and improves output efficiency by over 100%. Accompanied with automatic fabric roll-out machine, the conventional process of dealing with batch fabric is much easier than before. Skilled workers are able to handle 10 times more layers compared to manual cutting.

Duerkopp sewing machine imported from Germany can automatically adjust the length of the needle. On the fabric products production lines, especially for backpacks, our Intelligent Hanger system increase efficiency by over 10%, and reduces the production waste by at least 20%.