Core Values

Integration & Sharing

We try to create an atmosphere that the company and employee can develop together. Every employee’s value of life can be reflected and achieved in the development of the company.

We carry out strong cooperation with our partners from various backgrounds like manufacturing, finance, and academic & research. We believe that through this long-term cooperation resources from multiple sides can be complemented and all-win situation can be achieved.

Passion & innovation

We encourage our employee to maximize their enthusiasm and creativity for work, and act as the owner of the development & innovation of the company. The company strives to become the leader of the trade and lead business transformation through innovation in mindset, management, technology, and business model.

Shojin & Accountability

The concept of Shojin comes from Japanese management philosophy by Kyocera’s founder Inamori-Kazuo.

We share the common belief that we should be diligent, humble, thankful, benevolent, sensible, and introspective. We advocate ourselves to be hard-working and fight for perfection in our work, and take ownership for whatever we do. We try to be a fair & active market player and consistent game rule keeper, so that we can make due contribution for our community and human society.


Approach Nature through Technology

We advocate inheriting our corporate philosophy by our culture, spurring development by our innovation and leading revolution by product innovation.

We devote ourselves in providing professional, safe, eco-friendly outdoor leisure products & service with top-notch production technology to improve quality of people’s life style, and promoting the harmony between mankind and Mother Nature.


Play a leading role in global leisure life style and create a worldwide best-known brand.

First-class products originate from consistent research on consumer needs, bold application of avant-garde technology, forward-looking understanding of market dynamics, and continued effort on product eco-friendliness.

A first-class enterprise originates from highly efficient operation performance, passionate innovation spirit, win-win cooperation concept, positive competition awareness, fair & friendly talent development environment.

A first-class brand originates from faithful implementation and firm belief on all the points above.